Peep Fight

from I made you a CD, but I eated it. by Molly Lewis

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Write a song containing *exactly* 10 unique words (this includes words such as a, and, the, etc.). You can repeat the words you choose as few or as many times as you want, but the sum total of the unique words can not be less than or more than 10.. You can write on any topic and in any style. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 15 seconds.


The only words in this song are
1. Peeps
2. marshmallow
3. toothpicks
4. microwave
5. stomach
6. fight
7. sword
8. put
9. the
10. in

You can probably figure out the rest from there.


from I made you a CD, but I eated it., track released March 1, 2009



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