Molly Lewis (feat. Vixy & Tony) - Theme song + introduction

from by Molly Lewis



It's the middle of November
and here we are, assembled
So let's jump in and get cracking
For a show you won't forget

We hope you don't remember
other shows this might resemble
What do they have that we're lacking? Like a budget? or a set?
'Cause Thanksgiving is my favorite day
Though often it gets downplayed
So lock the doors, you're here to stay
Until my point is made

It's my Thanksgiving special show
With everybody you know
Hope you're excited for the show you're going to see here
Because if not you shouldn't be here.
Took 4 weeks to write everything
That we are going to sing
But now it's done and on this stage here, at last
Now Joseph Scrimshaw, introduce the cast

Feast your eyes upon these music stands
And on my sassy hairdo
With some music from your favorite bands,
I wrote it all for YOU
It's my Thanksgiving special show
So hike your pants up, let's go
I swear we'll try our very hardest to amuse you
Until the tryptophan subdues you

Never written a show before, but that’s what we have in store
And I hope for your sake I get it right
It’s Thanksgiving VS. Christmas tonight
It’s Thanksgiving VS. Christmas


from Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, released October 20, 2015
Molly Lewis, Joseph Scrimshaw, Vixy & Tony




Molly Lewis Seattle, Washington

I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees.


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