Seth Boyer - Not My Problem

from by Molly Lewis



Thanksgiving day this year
I’ll be staying here
My folks can scrap and fight
But I'll sleep fine tonight
It's not my problem

No airports, no packing
Just playing games and snacking
It's my job to decide
If I even go outside
It's not my problem

And a month from now, I'll see
My hometown and my family
But this day is just for me.

Don't know why my siblings choose
To hear our dad quote Fox News
Or be at the receiving end
of "do you have a girlfriend?"
Now that's their problem

Here's what I'll do instead
I'll sleep in my own bed
I'll make my own cocoon
And stay in bed 'till noon
I'm not their problem

No one cooks, no one cleans
I'll make my own holiday routines
'Cause that's what adulthood means


from Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, released October 20, 2015
Seth Boyer - guitar, vocals
music & lyrics by Molly Lewis




Molly Lewis Seattle, Washington

I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees.


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