Marian Call - In Alaska

from by Molly Lewis



In Alaska, it’s wintertime almost all year round
And almost every tree’s a Christmas tree
So when you sing of sleigh rides,
and snow across the ground
I find it doesn’t do that much for me

You have carols about reindeer,
you leave carrots out to greet them
Where I'm from it’s not quite the same...
We grind them up and eat them
in a hash, or in a stew
or with slaw and some au jus
Because that's what people do
in Alaska

So without the glitz and shopping
What makes Christmas feel unique?
It's for taking stock, and stopping
And for clearing out a week to be with loved ones, be together
Never mind the awful weather

Our Thanksgiving/Christmas season
Conditions can be rough
But it's all the more reason
To throw a party big enough
To warm us though the new year
It's not much, but we make do here

With the effort, and the sweat
It seems like you all forget
It's a time you can cut loose
And by the way, I killed a moose


from Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, released October 20, 2015
Marian Call - vocals
Seth Boyer - guitar

music & lyrics by Molly Lewis




Molly Lewis Seattle, Washington

I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees.


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