Ham 4 Hope (demo)

by Molly Lewis



A parody written for the opening for the 10th annual Desert Bus For Hope charity drive. (visit desertbus.org for more info)



How does a Sega CD game about driving a coach bus
dropped in the middle of a (deserted) route
in North America, a mini-game, a realtime desert crawler
go on to raise 3.1 million dollars?

You start smaller, drive an hour for just a dollar
Then you drive farther, make your stop or don’t bother
talking to the twitch chatters, waiting for the bug splatters
for one week, you’re playing for a cause that really matters

And every day you raise awareness while putting money away for Child’s Play
A charity for the children
Donations come in and we’re watching the total buildin
The gamers are ready to donate to fundraise millions

So the children play games, and power down & save
These kids getting treatment, they - have to be so brave
Though the hospital is freaky, and treatment can be a pain
They can play a new campaign, deservingly entertained

So then James made a plan, he’s said “let’s all help these kids, eh?”
Paul wanted to stream a game, and so they did it his way
Sega’s “Penn & Teller’s Smoke & Mirrors” is its name
It’s the worst ever vid’yo game
What’s this game, then??

Desert Bus For Hope again
It’s time for Desert Bus For Hope again
And this year we’re doing number 10
Please donate
Please donate

2007 in a house, on a couch, sweet babies
9 years later see call-ins & live auctions & sponsors & crafts
Setup in their own place, in Moonbase
ALL: (it’s Canada, really, but pretend we’re in space)

Rotate through our drivers, the drivers floor it at 45
Mining prizes we can auction live, a donation drive, a new challenge
ALL: “Doctors, you gotta give us advice”
The entire team at Bungie autographed this set of dice

There’s usually nothing else to do when you are driving through
You’re trying to keep your concentration or get towed back to the station
Always booking, looking in your big empty rear view
Hoping you don’t crash before you get to where you’re going to
Steerin' through the desert watchin’ day turn into night time
Steerin' toward the gutter, as it lists to the right
Keep it out of the ditch, gotta keep it on track
From Tuscon to Las Vegas and back

From Tuscon to Las Vegas and back
From Tuscon to Las Vegas and back
From Tuscon to Las Vegas and back
From Tuscon! (Tuscon!)

Please donate!

Desert Bus For Hope again (Desert Bus For Hope again)
We are doing all the things for you
So join us in chat, together we can stall for - TIME
Oh, Desert Bus For Hope again
All the internet sings for you
We will all put aside our shame
We will play the most boring game
The desert always looks the same

Bus stop in the desert now, hope we haven’t passed it [ALL: Please donate]
Bug on the window now, somebody must have smashed it [ALL: Please donate]
The greater generosity, the longer we broadcast it

We - drive the bus
Me? I craft along
Me? I engineer
Me? I ship things
And me? I’m the damn fool that crashed it

We can help some children have some fun
So please donate

“What’s this game, man?”



released November 12, 2016
Molly Lewis - lyrics
Lin-Manuel Miranda - composer
Hans Zanger - instrumental arrangement



all rights reserved


Molly Lewis Seattle, Washington

I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees.


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