Molly Lewis Seattle, Washington

I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees.


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Track Name: Albus Severus
The ending to these books that I'd been reading all my life
With my boyfriend, Harry Potter, and apparently his wife
As they see their children off onto the train
So the school year can start over again
There's James Sirius - (nice!) - and Lily Luna - (good.)
And there seems to be a pattern, but by now it's understood
And the tears in my eyes begin to well
But then he addressed his youngest son, and it kind of broke the spell

Albus Severus, What kind of a name is that
Did you take names of acquaintances and pull them from your hat
Maybe that's how Rowling planned it
I just don't understand it
But at least it's not Renesmee

"Oh they're the names of fallen wizards, my heroes who are dead"
Dude, SO MANY WIZARDS DIED for you, and that's just in book 7
Why not name him "Cedric Remus Hedwig Nymphadora Fred"?
You could go back & change it now, he's what? 11?

Albus Severus, i don't know what to say
It sounds like you were joking and they wrote it anyway
Maybe you had kids kinda young
But it does NOT trip off the tongue
But it sure beats "Oswin Oswald"

Albus Severus, What kind of a name is that
So many names to choose from and you totally fell flat
I would have gone a different way
But it is not my place to say
But at least it's not Benedict Cumberbatch
No, at least it's not Renesmee
Track Name: My Bioluminescent Boy
Let me tell you bout a certain guy of mine
When he showed up here, he really caused a fuss
His pappy served his country on the ocean blue
And his mama ... was an octopus (WHAT?)
He's got two legs, he's got two arms
He looks as normal as can be
But when the lights are all low
They come from miles around to see

Heeee gave his heart to me and I gave mine to him
When I found that I had taken quite a shine to him
He's my candlelight cutie, he's ever so pleasant
My bioluminescent boy

He's my sunlight / moonlight / lucky stars
And he brightens up the room no matter where we are
With his beaming smile, and charm effervescent
My bioluminescent boy

Now that I'm with him
He makes all the other fellas seem especially dim
He makes me aglow, and I know
No other man'll do
They can't hold a candle to

I am hoping I'll have no more dark and lonely nights
Though the parson seems convinced that he's the antichrist
At the end of my tunnel, he shines incandescent
He's my bioluminescent boy
He's my bioluminescent boy